Sparkling vacation in New Zealand

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Vacation time comes to an end - summer is over and the fall is about to roll in with its dull nasty days and somber moods. This is the moment when the whole world feels sorry for those who never managed to find time or opportunity and leave everything behind rushing for new adventures.

A vacation is a must, but there is no reason to plan it for summer only. Some countries are even better in spring or winter. But one destination become incredibly popular after the summer is over - it is New Zealand. A country of friendly people, delicious food, magnificent sceneries and amazing entertainments that are illegal in most countries of our planet. Excited? Do not pack your luggage yet, there is a lot to discuss.


Although New Zealand might seem small - it comprises two main landmasses - North Island, and the South Island. people who know nothing about NZ think that South Island is a warranty of good vacation. And they are completely wrong.

North island, known for its marvelous landscapes, unique animals and cozy cottages is the best place one can choose for next vacation. Ancient village of Kohukohu at the seaside is quietly charming. People go there for three main reasons:

  • active volcanoes,
  • island sanctuaries,
  • Maori Culture.

Another good thing is strong gambling tradition - this business is absolutely legal in NZ.

Place to live

Whenever tourists plan a trip to North Island - the worst thing they can do is booking a hotel. Kohukohu is known for its luxurious cottages that are build in traditionally NZ style. Without a doubt, Kohutusu cottage is the best in the village. Clean rooms for relatively small price have all one might need for comfortable vacation.

Kohutusu cottage

This place is located close to all attractions tourists might want to visit in Kohukohu. But unlike all other cottages, located there this one stands out thanks to an annual event that places Kohutusu in center of everyone’s attention.

This cottage hosts some of the most popular online casino tournaments with real money at stake. Imagine the reputation of the place where most of high-rollers prefer to stay when coming for such events.

Although Kohutusu house might seem crowded and too loud - it has fantastic sound-absorption and never hosts more people than it can place.

Vacation Loan

Do you need a loan to stay at Kohukohu Cottage? We have arrangements with Kiwi Cash to help provide loans for our visitors. If you have a job then you can most likely qualify for a loan through Kiwi Cash. They are a payday loan provider, native to New Zealand.


Gambling is a kind of religion here - slots, pokies are everywhere. But they are mostly night-time activity. At day time people go to meet Maori Culture, gaze volcanoes exploding or rush for dolphin adventures.