Top 5 Places to Visit in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a land of attractiveness and contrast. From the golden sandy beaches, geothermal geysers, rolling farmland and bustling cities of the North Island, through to the pristine and beautiful scenery of the South Island. Experience the tranquility of idyllic snow capped mountains, magnificent fiords and primeval rainforest, or the excitement and thrill of outdoor adventure activities.

New Zealand is an earthly paradise to be savoured if you really want to fully enjoy the beauty of nature. A tongue of volcanic land with over 4 million inhabitants where between golden beaches and rainforests one seems to live inside a postcard.

If you are planning to go to New Zealand on holiday this summer, we recommend you visiting these five marvellous places:

Abel Tasman National Park

1) Abel Tasman National Park

Miles and miles of spectacular beaches of the Tasman Sea stretch out into the Tasman National Abel Tasman Park, New Zealand’s smallest national park. It is located on the South Island and boasts spectacular flora and fauna. In the park you can make long walks or enjoy the sun on the beach. A miraculously beautiful land of Abel Tasman National Park attracts the admirers of extreme holidays. All sports enthusiasts can swim, canoe or snorkel there.

Fiordland National Park

2)  Fiordland National Park

Twelve thousand square kilometers of unspoiled vegetation between mountain and rainforest. The Fiordland National Park is the largest New Zealand National Park, nestled among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While trekking you may also encounter dolphins and seals. Mountaineers can also practice sports. Do not miss the fjords, waterfalls and glaciers.

Arthur's Pass

3) Arthur’s Pass

Arthur’s pass was used by the Maori as a link between East and West. The park is characterised on the one hand by rivers and beech forests, and on the other by dense rainforest. In the middle stretches a dreamy land in alpine style and glaciers.


4) Queenstown

Queenstown is located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, one of the frozen lakes on the island of the south, and is a very tourist resort. Not to be missed if you have decided to make a safari between the maori lands. Enjoy the snow-capped peaks on board a kayak. Here, most of the scenes from the Lord of the Rings and Lo Hobbit trilogy were shot.


5) Kaikoura

A beautiful town with snow-covered peaks. In Kaikoura you can find a rich vegetation, admire the sperm whale, the large toothed whale of the ocean. Also, the unusual formation of the seabed of its waters, allows you to see close up many varieties of cetaceans.

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