Hokianga Harbor

What to Know More About Housing in New Zealand

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Whether you plan to travel for 2 weeks or decided to move to New Zealand on a permanent living basis, you should explore the housing situation on the market. Rent usually depends on the type, size, location and quality.

In New Zealand, rental property can be found throughout the real estate agents or landlords. It is also easy to find due to the numerous services, like privately operated websites. TradeMe Property is considered as the most reliable service. It represents the possible options with full offer description, property type, placement availability (temporary or relatively permanent occupation).

Hokianga Harbor

As it was mentioned above the price is highly flexible depending mostly on a place. The national price drop to $284 (NZ$395), but average price in Auckland reaching NZ$580, housing with good conditions can reach to NZ$750. Landlords find it somewhere near NZ$160 for a room with 3 or 4 room property. The Economist pointed that New Zealand housing is the most unaffordable worldwide.

For people that are searching for a temporary place in New Zealand (with tourism, cultural, educational purpose etc.) coastal housing is more interesting than the urban one.

Hokianga Harbor

Hokianga Harbor

Very popular is Bay of Islands located opposite to the Hokianga Harbour on the east coast with huge rocky islands and cove. A soon as you depart from the ferry terminal Paihia, a unique panorama of the endless blue ocean will open showing tiny conical islands similar to little flags on the horizon.

The price of a cosy private bungalow located around 11 km from the city along the Taipa river can vary from $444 to $2,360 per month. There are beautiful beaches from the east and the west coasts of the Karikari peninsula. Restaurants and resort Ramada spread out on the beach of Taipa.

The history of Hokianga Harbour is an amazing combination of two main nationalities - Maori (locals) and European.

Hokianga Harbor

Rawene is Hokianga’s biggest town and third oldest European settlement in New Zealand. Rawene is a historic Clendon house.

Hokianga-Nui-A-Kupe has a meaning of the place of ‘Kupe’s great return’. Many Maori tribes back to their origins while Kupe (Polynesian explorer) firstly unboarded with his crew on the New Zealand grounds. Ferries provides a transport connection from Rawene to the Kohukohu settlement located on another harbourside.

Note that the housing here require a weekly rent, so the prices are usually pointed for a week minimum stay.


Housing peculiarities

You can get an advice concerning the tenancies from a MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment). If you have a dispute with your agreement, they can also represent an intermediary service.

If you rent a house at first, the price is paid in advance with a letting fee (GST and weekly rent). A maximum requesting fee is up to two weeks.

A bond that is equivalent to a 4-weeks  rent is also put up. In total, the sum for a monthly rent foresees a payment up to 6 weeks ahead.